Example Meteogram

These are real time meteograms produced by the 32km Eta Model. This sample set covers the period beginning at 12Z on the 27th (the 27/12 at the bottom left) and ending at 00Z on the 30th (the 30/00 at the bottom right).


TRACE 1: TMPF, DWPF - Temperature (red), Dew Point (green): 2-meter values in degrees F

TRACE 2: P01M, C01M - Precipitation, Convective Precip: hourly accumulations in inches and BRBK,WSYM - Wind, Precipitation Type: winds in knots, precipitation type using Eta Model decision tree

TRACE 3: PMSL, HLCY - Sea Level Pressure in mb (orange, left axis) and Helicity (aqua, right axis): in m**2/s**2, using storm motion based upon the Bunkers Dynamic Method.

TRACE 4: VSBK, CDBP - Horizontal visibility (red, left axis): in MILES, calculated from the Stoelinga-Warner algorithm and Cloud base pressure (purple, right axis) in mb

TRACE 5: CAPE, CINS - Convective Available Potential Energy (brown) and Convective Inhibition (blue, absolute value): in J/kg, computed in GEMPAK using forecast soundings from the model
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