PMSV (Pilot to Metro radio)

SOP Number & Name

5020 PMSV (Pilot to Metro radio)


        This duty is highest priority--giving weather information to pilots who are enroute.

        Pilot may ask for update on SIGMETS, weather en route, etc.

Who does this procedure?

Forecast duty Officer but anyone might take a call.

Immediate reply is proper etiquette required by the SOP.

How often?

Whenever a call comes in.

Frequency of reference to the SOP

Once you know it, this SOP becomes routine.

Action sequence:

        Conducted whenever a call comes in


What supports the action sequence?

What is the needed information?



Individual who takes a call depends on the nature of the information that the pilot requests:

- may want local weather

- may be flying over and wants destination weather.


What is good or useful about the support and the depiction of needed information?


        CONTEL Meteorological Workstation provides forecasts from any station in the US--DOD, NWS, airports.

        Supports calls in which the pilot is flying over and wants destination weather.


What about the support or information depiction makes the action sequence difficult?


        Background noise in the workspace, poor radio reception


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