1. Click on the Products button for the Dial RX ingest monitor. 2. Click on Change Stations

3. Click on Other under the Preferences box of the Station selections Window.

4. Highlight DFX - U.S. Difax and choose Add to Active. DFX U.S. Difax should appear in the bottom Windows labeled Active Station List, Click OK. 5. The next window, Station and Product settings should show DFX U.S. Difax listed in the Selected Stations box.

6. Highlight DFX U.S. Difax and click on Change Products. 7. Choose the DFX charts that your wish to download and click Add to Active. Each one that is chosen will be placed in the Active Product list. When finished click OK.

8. The next window you should see is Stations & Product Settings. If you highlight DFX U.S. Difax you should see a list similar to the one below. Click OK and you are done. NOTE: There will other Stations & Products listed if you are downloading GVAR or NEXRAD data.
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