Wind Instruments

a. The AN/UMQ-5 Aerovane is located on the roof of the tower at the southwest corner of the Operations Building.The height of the Aerovane is 77.5 AGL.

b. An ID-586/UMQ-5 wind speed and direction display, calibrated to True North, is mounted in the forecast spaces on the north bulkhead.

c. Four wind indicators, calibrated to Magnetic North, are mounted in the control tower.

d. The Digital Remote Wind Speed Indicator (ID-2447/U), a component of the DASI system, is located on the east bulkhead in the observer spaces.There are four additional indicators located in the tower and seven additional indicators located in RATCC.

e. The hand-held anemometer (PMQ-3) is maintained in its case and stored in the operational spaces.

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